Camilla-and-Jordan wedding at Marienlyst

A dream come true

“Our wedding in Elsinore was a dream come true. A beautiful intimate ceremony in a regal and inspiring location. Denmark is forever in our hearts. Lisbeth efficiently handled the paperwork and It was an ideal way for us to elope and not have the stress or complications of a big wedding. Our marriage in Elsinore was awesome and fun. We recommend riding bikes around Kronborg castle!”

Much love

Camilla and Jordan


Couldn’t have done this without the unwavering support of Elsinore Wedding

“We cannot tell you how amazing you’ve been, you’ve been incredibly responsive; it feels like you’ve walked with us through this entire uncertain journey. We wanted to say how much the work you’ve done is appreciated.

We have continued our life, happily married husband’s, knowing full well that we could not have done this without the unwavering support and guidance of Elsinore Weddings and the very personal attentiveness and generousity of Lisbeth.”

Our heartfelt thanks,

Ian & Marlin

Charlie-and-Karlynne kronborg wedding

Elsinore Weddings in Denmark to me is a 5-star business for weddings abroad

“It was an amazing experience at Helsingor Castle “Hamlets Castle” in Denmark. I surprised my wife (Karlynne) with the wedding of her dreams. Only in Denmark can a bride be a queen in a castle for a day and on her wedding day. 

We went on vacation to Berlin, Germany and drove up to Denmark to be married by the most incredible wedding planner that we have ever met, Ms. Lisbeth of Elsinore Weddings. She helped us for many months prior, all the way up to the day and the day after the wedding. She made every problem go away and was very helpful morning, noon, and night (even with the time difference in the US). There wasn’t a day or night that she was not available for our needs. 

As I was planning this as a surprise for my fiancé, she was a big help keeping everything and me on track. Everything from the price, service, venue, and her personality was perfect with her and her business. I definitely say to all American couples planning to get married, don’t waste your money in the states and get little for nothing, go to Elsinore Weddings in Denmark and you will get the wedding of your dreams for a fraction of the cost in the USA.

In conclusion, Elsinore Weddings in Denmark to me is a 5-star business for weddings abroad. If you are planning a wedding and you want the most memorable experience ever, then seek out Elsinore Weddings of Denmark and they will make your dreams come true.”

Thank you again Miss Lisbeth and God bless!

Karlynne & Charlie


Our experience was easy, peaceful, and so much fun

“A few weeks ago my My Husband and I got married in Elsinore Denmark and it was the most incredible experience. I am from America and my husband is from Syria but we are both residents in Belgium. We tried to get married in Belgium for months but it was so difficult and finally, they told us it was impossible to get married there. We had all the preparations ready and family flying in from all over the world for our church wedding but we needed a civil wedding first. Elsinore Weddings made that possible. Lisbeth helped us so much in getting our paperwork together and we were able to marry in less than two weeks after I first contacted her. Not only were we able to get married quickly but the city of Elsinore and the town hall was stunning. Our experience was easy, peaceful, and so much fun. We will never forget our wedding in Elsinore and the generosity of the people there. I can’t recommend Elsinore Weddings enough.”

Thank you so much, Elsinore Wedding for making our marriage possible! Be blessed.

Abby & Maher