WorldPride and EuroGames in Denmark

Denmark has always been in the support of gender equality and equal rights for the LGBT community. To empower its fight for equality, Copenhagen fought hard and won the bid to host WorldPride 2021. On the other hand, Pan Idræt won the bid to host EuroGames 2021. Thus, both of these grand events will take place in Copenhagen in 2021.

It will be 11 days long event and will take place from 12th to 21st August 2021. As per the shared details, it is going to be a grand event which will attract more than 750,000 visitors from all across the globe. There will be music performances, human rights debates, exhibitions, parades, VIP receptions, parties, and sporting events.

The WorldPride and EuroGames celebrations will empower the fight for equality for the global LGBT community. The EuroGames will have sports in 27 disciplines. It will also have a conference which will focus on LGBTQ rights worldwide.

The year 2021 is indeed special to host these events because there are several anniversaries that will be celebrated during the Worldpride and EuroGames events; from 70th anniversary of world’s first successful genital reconstructive surgery to 15th anniversary of Danish bisexual and lesbian women right obtained to reproduction assistance.

The opening of the event will be a grand beach party. The city hall in Copenhagen will be converted into Global Pride Square. The renowned NGOs and organizations that work proactively for LGBTQ rights will participate in this event and will speak about their work, their thoughts and other points to motivate others to join this fight for equality.

There will be open air shows and many performances for five days and all these can be attended for free. There will also be a WorldPride parade with more than 50,000 spectators and more than 60,000 marchers. Also, thousands of people in Copenhagen will wave rainbow flags and blow kisses from their balconies to the parade.

In a nutshell, it is going to be a gigantic event and will create a momentum for the world LGBT community.

You must start planning your trip for this event to support or participate in this great cause.

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Picture Credit: anerdytransgirl