A destination wedding is definitely going to add amazing memories on your big day. Memories that you will cherish forever!

To make your destination wedding experience larger than life, here are some of the things you should add to your bucket list:

1. Try traditional things

Each place has some traditions for couples; you must explore facts about the local traditions and try that with your partner. If you have hired a destination wedding planner, she can help you by letting you know about the facts related to local traditions, local food, etc. and you must try them.

2. Shop in the local market

If you have not shopped anything, believe me, you have missed a major thing at your destination wedding. Even if you do not like shopping, you must explore local markets and downtown in the city and you must shop some local items to keep that as a memory forever. You must shop at least for your significant other.

3. Take a cruise or ferry

You must remember that titanic pose. Don’t you? Taking a cruise or a ferry is indeed a romantic experience. You must book a ferry or cruise. For example, if you decide to get married in Denmark, you can have a ferry ride from Elsinore to Germany and back. Yes, it depends on the destination you choose, but if you can, this indeed has to be on your bucket list.

4. Visit tourist spots

Each city has some tourist spots you cannot miss to visit. For example, if you choose Elsinore, a beautiful city in Denmark as your wedding destination, you can visit the famous Kronborg castle, the Han Sculpture, and many other amazing tourist spots.

5. Plan a romantic dinner

You are at a destination to have your destination wedding and you must make it special for your significant other. One of the easiest yet really romantic things, you can do is planning a surprise romantic dinner. You can take the help of your wedding planner and restaurant or hotel staff to make the arrangements.

6. Have a professional photoshoot

It is obvious to be on your destination wedding bucket list, but still, I want to remind you, so you do not forget. Of course, in the era of smartphones, you will take a lot of pictures, but professional photography has its own importance. Hire a local professional photographer for a pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoot along with the wedding photoshoot.

These are the top six items that demand the place in your bucket list for your destination wedding. You can add some more based on the destination you choose for the wedding.

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