Elsinore – one of the greatest and most unique places in Denmark

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    Only 45 minutes from Copenhagen
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    One destination – two countries
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    Spectacular sea view scenery – situated just a “stone’s throw” from Sweden and close to Copenhagen
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    Home city of the UNESCO listed KRONBORG – the world famous castle of Shakespeare’s Prince Hamlet
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    Only 30 minutes’ drive from the Danish Royal Family’s summer residence
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    The fantastic Danish Riviera – with beautiful coastal sceneries and wonderful white sand beaches combined with romantic sea side beach Hotels – a truly Scandinavian lifestyle environment

Only 45 mins. north of Copenhagen, where the narrow sea- called the Sound – flows between Denmark and Sweden, you find Elsinore (Helsingør) – a cultural city with deep roots in history.

When William Shakespeare wrote his story of Prince Hamlet 400 years ago, not only did he write a magnificent drama, he also put Elsinore on the world map.

Elsinore has evolved from a small village, through its glory days with the Sound Toll to industrialization, to become the world-class modern culture town that Elsinore – nicknamed “home of Hamlet” is recognized as today.

The old Elsinore Shipyard is rebuilt into ‘The Culture Yard’ – a dynamic cultural center with concerts, theatre and exhibitions and the Culture Harbour with the new award-winning Maritime Museum of Denmark built underground in the old dry dock – connecting Kronborg Castle with the center of Elsinore in an inspiring meeting between past and present.

The town itself, with the many cobbled streets and courtyards and old merchant houses, is an attraction in itself but also the largest city and main shopping destination in the North Sealand.

In this video you will get an impression of the beautiful city of Elsinore. It is originally a cruise ship tourist video that has kindly been shared by The port of Elsinore.

What to see during your stay in Elsinore

You can also visit the homepage of Visit North Sealand – The Danish Royal Family’s Retreat and read more about your stay in Elsinore.

Here is a few "must sees"



Hamlet´s Castle and Denmark´s World heritage site.

The imposing Renaissance castle, which is a World Heritage UNESCO site, has provided a stage for the world´s most famous drama about the Danish Prince Hamlet. The impressive Kronborg Castle, located at the narrowest headland between the Swedish and Danish coasts.


M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark

Visit one of Denmark’s most popular and spectacular new museums. M/S Maritime Museum in Denmark, in front of Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, is in the shape of a huge ship, built underground and surrounding the port´s old dry dock. The unique, underground museum has been designed by the world famous Danish architect – Bjarne Ingels. The museum takes you down to a whole world of maritime history. The museum was called “One of the eight greatest new museums” by the BBC and has been a finalist for one of the world´s most prestigious architect prizes, the Mies Van der Rohe award.


The Culture Yard in Elsinore

The culture centre contains North Sealand’s largest stage, café and restaurant, exhibition room, museum and a modern library. The converted shipyard building, which was inaugurated in 2010, is located just a few meters from the harbour front in Elsinore. The Culture Yard (Kulturværftet) is spread over an impressive 13,000 m2, all of which is dedicated to concerts, theatre, performing arts, events, exhibitions, festivals.

Louisiana art museum

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – Denmarks most visited Museum

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is a world-famous and a leading international museum of modern art that attracts visitors from all around the world throughout the year. It is a trendsetting and cultural centre – a very special place – where art, architecture, parkland and sea meet in beautiful harmony. Louisiana is situated in a fantastic park with direct access- and panoramic view to Sweden and the narrow sea in between – Øresund. Every year Louisiana hosts several major international exhibitions of modern and contemporary art.

Louisiana is located nearby the city of Humlebæk approx. 10 km south of of Elsinore.


A trip to Helsingborg in Sweden

Sweden and the beautiful city of Helsingborg lies directly across the sea called Øresund and only 20 min by ferry away from Elsinore. Several ferries sail between Elsinore and Helsingborg every hour, so there´s never any waiting time and makes even a short trip to Sweden possible and very convenient. Helsingborg offers a wealth of exciting stores, restaurants, shopping centres, museums, cosy streets and alleys.


Fredensborg Palace – Summer Residence of the Danish Royal family

One of the Queen´s favourite palaces.

Fredensborg Palace by Lake Esrum in North Sealand is the royal couple´s most frequented residence during the spring and autumn months. The beautiful rooms and halls often form the setting for major official state visit and royal events.

Fredensborg Palace is 14 km and a 20 min. by train from Elsinore.

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Skibsklarerergården in Elsinore

Visit the unique and well-preserved house and museum from the 17th century at which time Elsinore was a rich cosmopolitan and profiting enormously of the duties paid on the Sound. In this house sailors came from all over the world to gather provisions for their ships and/or pay their Sound Dues – which had to be paid by any ship which passed through the Danish territorial waters.