If you’ve landed on this article, it’s probably that you are getting married soon. Congratulations! Perhaps it is better to live in Germany or elsewhere in the world and look at how and where to get married quickly and easily. Thankfully, Denmark has become very simple to get married, both young and old, especially for foreigners. Go through the complete article to get all the latest information about getting married in Denmark.

To get married in Denmark, you must have a certificate of marriage (prøvelsesattest). To do this, it is necessary to meet the conditions of the Danish law (marriage law) on the formation and dissolution of marriage which is extremely simple and flexible.

General Conditions of Marriage

To get married in Denmark, you must be 18 years old and single. If one of you has been married before, your previous marriage must have been dismissed before you remarry. Marriage between close relatives is not allowed, and if one of you is a guardian, the guardian must agree to the marriage.

Getting Married in Denmark

Deciding where you want to get married in Denmark really depends on why you are here, what your tastes and how much time you have. Many couples are looking for something fast and stylish. To get married in Denmark, you have multiple choices for the place. Elsinore city is becoming popular these days for a romantic marriage ceremony

Documents Required to Get Married in Denmark

Once you decide where you want to go and what kind of wedding you want, the destination wedding planner will already investigate your situation and let you know how she can help you prepare for your wedding.

There may be special requirements for documents that must be enclosed with the application in order to recognize them. This may include the fact that the document must be recognized by the official authorities, either through Apostille stamps or legalization.

Foreign documents must be translated into Danish, English or German by a certified translator. This also applies to all Apostille paintings. If the document is legalized, all stamps, etc. must also be translated. You must complete this procedure before submitting your application to the Family Law Administration (Familieretshuset).

Wedding Certificate for Marriage Require a Legalization

Often couples believe that marriage is not legal unless the marriage certificate is legalized. It’s not like that. Marriage in Denmark is legal all over the world from the moment you sign and receive your Danish International Marriage Certificate. In general, legalizing a marriage certificate by le