Ghanaian and Scotland Couple got married in Denmark

It would be better to get married in an elopement wedding setup as it can be hassle-free and give required privacy. However, if you want to marry in the presence of family and friends, you need to plan things carefully. Furthermore, if you are thinking to have a destination wedding, then you need to plan even more carefully to make sure the guests have a good experience. This article will help you plan your wedding without any hassle based on our years of experience as a destination wedding planner in Denmark.

1. Keep the guest list small

It is not only about the expense, but it is also about stress. When you decide to marry at a destination wedding location, it is good to keep your guest list as small as possible. Sometimes, couples come to get married in Denmark with just 5 to 10 very close friends and family members. This helps you and your close people enjoy the wedding and its rituals instead of staying occupied to assure everyone is comfortable.

2. Plan all-inclusive accommodation for guests

When you have invited guests for your destination wedding, you are the one that needs to make all the arrangements for them. You need to plan their accommodation with all-inclusive access so they can chill in the hotel or resort.

3. Keep your wedding planner informed about your expectations

You must hire a destination wedding planner for all wedding arrangements. To make sure everything is arranged as per your choice narrate your wedding planner about your likes and dislikes. Furthermore, if there are some guests that have to be taken care of especially, you must inform your wedding planner about that.

4. Ask guests to not bring gifts

It is obvious that friends and family members bring memorable gifts. However, sometimes it becomes really expensive for everyone and some people get into an odd situation. You can make it easy for them by keeping a sweet note on your wedding card to not bring gifts. Also, if your guests insist on giving you gifts, you may ask them to gift you later in the hometown because it will be troublesome for them to bring a gift to the destination location and you need to take the same trouble of carrying all the gifts back home.

Throw a reception party in hometown

This is optional, but a good idea, to have a small or a big celebration at your hometown post-wedding. You can invite all friends and family members to be part of your happy moments. You will also receive gifts and