Getting married at a beautiful wedding location is an unforgettable experience. Kronborg Castle is one of the best wedding destinations to get married at. The Kronborg Castle is the castle that plotted the most popular tragic novel of Shakespeare, namely, Hamlet. This is the reason it is also known as the “House of Hamlet”.

We, Elsinore Wedding, offer destination wedding services to couples that want to get married in Denmark. The Kronborg Castle is one of the wedding locations we offer to have a civil marriage ceremony at. We can arrange your destination wedding at this castle and make it the most memorable one. Below is the list of services available to get married in Denmark at Kronborg Castle:

1. Choose to marry in a private ceremony

If you want to have a private and a cozy wedding ceremony in the presence of your family members and friends, then we can book one of the four available chambers for you. They are indoor wedding locations available in the Kronborg Castle. Below is the list of the indoor wedding locations available in Kronborg Castle.

  • King’s Tower
  • The Telegraph Tower
  • The Duchess of Mecklenburg’s Chamber
  • Erik of Pommerania’s Chamber

Once you choose the chamber, we will book that for 60 minutes of complete privacy for a civil marriage ceremony.

2. Choose to marry in outdoor to enjoy stunning views

If you want to enjoy the stunning outdoor views of the Helsingborg aka Elsinore city, Sweden, Ocean, Garden, etc., then you can choose one of the outdoor wedding locations available in Denmark. Below is the list of options available for outdoor wedding locations in Kronborg Castle:

  • Helsingborg Ravelin
  • The Flag Bastion
  • The Castle Court Yard

Based on the selected wedding location, you can enjoy different views of the city and/or ocean.

3. Add some extra fun

The couples with specific standards and expectations choose Kronborg Castle to get married in Denmark. Thus, the typical civil marriage is not enough for them. We understand that and that is why we offer different wedding services to the couples that choose to get married at Kronborg Castle. Below is the list of additional wedding services to choose from to increase your joy, excitement, and memories of the destination wedding:

  • Red carpet
  • Historical fencing
  • Trumpet fanfare
  • Cannon salute
  • A small Hamlet and Ophelia act

Choosing one or more of the above-mentioned services will help you add more fun and memories to