Zuzanna from Poland and Besalieal from India had never visited Denmark in the past, but they read about its beauty which reads Denmark is “Las Vegas” of Europe. They were mesmerized with whatever they had read about Denmark and that’s why in the whole world they decided to get married in Denmark.

They wanted to have a cozy and romantic wedding and that’s why they chose Elsinore city for the marriage ceremony as other cities are busier and having more crowds. On the other hand, Elsinore is a small little town with beautiful scenery. The couple wanted to get married in Denmark with their close family, in total of 12 people. Thus, they were busy taking care of the visa process of the family members and other stuff related to logistics and travel. They selected us, Elsinore Wedding, to plan and arrange their romantic destination wedding.

The couple had selected the “Elsinore Wedding” package. We took care of administration, paperwork and other related arrangements for the couple to have a civil marriage ceremony in the city hall of Elsinore city in Denmark. The emotional situation occurred when the couple received the last minute visa approval for parents.

On the wedding day, the wedding ceremony took place in the Elsinore City Hall. The couple wanted their fathers to play an important role in being witnesses in the process and Danish authority allowed to change witness to let the wish of the couple come true.

We had arranged a wedding cake and champagne for the celebration after the wedding. Everyone was immensely happy and joyous.

The couple gave a really beautiful testimonial as below:

We’ve never been to Denmark before but read that it’s “the Las Vegas of Europe” where getting married is much easier for international couples. Indeed, our wedding planning took less than a month and went astonishingly smooth with Elsinore Wedding.
Both our families, 12 people altogether, flew in to join us on our big day. We’ve had quite an emotional rollercoaster in the week before the wedding as my in-laws got their Schengen visa only at the very last moment! This was quite stressful and we’re very glad that we had support from Elsinore Wedding. It relieved us from all the admin & paperwork so we could focus on helping our families with the travel logistics. Oh, and did I mention that my in-laws were traveling from India for the first time?
Lisbeth was very accommodating and comforting throughout the process and the Danish authorities even agreed to swap one of our witnesses on the weddi