All couples have unique ideas for their marriage and why not? Marriage is a once in a lifetime experience. The couples can choose a theme to get married and one of the interesting marriage themes is Royal Wedding. We, as a destination wedding planner in Denmark, help couples arranging their dream wedding here and Royal Wedding cannot get arranged by anyone else better than us. Based on our experience, here are the top tips to experience a royal wedding. The couple can have a feeling of a king and a queen and experience the world in a different way. Here are the top 3 tips to experience a royal wedding.

1. Choose a real castle for the wedding

When you want to have a royal wedding, the first thing you need to do is choose a castle for your wedding. One of the best Castles to get married at is Kronborg Castle. Many couples that come to get married in Denmark choose Kronborg Castle due to its beauty, its historic value, the stunning views, and of course its correlation with the renowned writer Shakespeare. You can also get married at this Castle or can choose any other, but make sure to choose a real castle instead of any interior.

2. Keep a theme Royal

To experience a royal wedding, everything has to be done in that way. Choose special wedding attire for the bride and groom to create a feeling of a Queen and a King. If you have invited guests, tell them about the royal theme and ask them to get dressed accordingly. You can also choose the traditional royal dress as per your country or region.

3. Add additional services to get a royal ambience

Generally, destination wedding service includes the cost of marriage ceremony and champagne for celebration. Some destination wedding planners also offer chocolates for a wedding celebration. As one can see, it is quite contemporary. There are some additional wedding services that can add four moons in the whole ambiance and experience. For example, come to the wedding location in a horse carriage and walk on the red carpet. You can also add a cannon salute after the wedding.

These are the top 3 tips to make sure you can enjoy your wedding at its best. We have arranged many destination weddings. We can help you arrange a wedding at Kronborg Castle. Contact us to know more about how to enlarge the whole experience with our destination wedding services.