LGBT wedding in denmark

The Elsinore wedding is a lifelong memory of us

“We had a very wonderful wedding in the magnificient City Hall building in Elsinore on 20 Aug 2019. Madam Lisbeth and the staff were very helpful and explained every details of the wedding procedures to us. Needless to say, we were deeply attracted by the gorgeous wedding hall which gave us a solemn but hassle free wedding. We also appreciate the recommendation of Madam Lisbeth for a few remarkable locations for taking wedding photos thereafter. The Elsinore wedding is a lifelong memory of us and we are so grateful to have chosen this beautiful city for our wedding. Our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who had made our wedding so memorable.”

Terrence & Wilson
Hong Kong

Same-sex marriages

We believe in love!

Same-sex marriages became legal in Denmark in June 2012. In Denmark, we make no distinction between heterosexual and gay marriage. Denmark was the first country in the world to recognize same-sex couples legally. Previously, same-sex couples were recognized through registered partnership. Denmark was the eleventh country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. Denmark and Elsinore – especially the statue “Han” in The Culture Harbour in Elsinore is a popular location for same sex couples who wish to marry.

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We could not have done this without Elsinore Weddings

“We cannot tell you how amazing you’ve been, you’ve been incredibly responsive; it feels like you’ve walked with us through this entire uncertain journey. We wanted to say how much the work you’ve done is appreciated. We have continued our life, happily married husband’s, knowing full well that we could not have done this without the unwavering support and guidance of Elsinore Weddings and the very personal attentiveness and generosity of Lisbeth.”

Our heartfelt thanks,

Ian & Marlin

Cultural-wedding in elsinore

The Culture Yard in Elsinore


The Hammer Mill in Hellebaek

Romantic Wedding Location package

The “HAN” Sculpture in the Cultural Harbour

The ‘Han’ Sculpture is an icon for the new cultural district which includes the culture Yard, Kronborg Castle and the Maritime Museum of Denmark.

‘Han’ was created by the Danish-Norwegian artist-duo Elmgreen & Dragset. Among other things – this artist-duo is also famous for “The Rocking Horse Boy” at Trafalgar Square in London and the Venice Biennial in 2009. Elmgreen and Dragset are based in Berlin.

The posture and special expression of “Han” are clear references to the world known “The little Mermaid” at Langelinie, Copenhagen. Unlike his famous Copenhagen sister, “Han” is a man. In Danish “Han” is “he” in English.

It is said that “Han” occasionally will blink his eyes. You never know when. The intervals between the blinks are irregular and cannot be predicted, so only the lucky – or patient one will see it.

This feature challenges the way we experience art: If you hurry past it, you will not capture the full experience

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