I would recommend Lisbeth and Elsinore Wedding to anyone who wants to experience a wedding of a lifetime.

“Living in Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan pales in comparison to the view of the Baltic from the top of Kronborg Slot. In 2021 we toured Helsingor and were captivated by the sheer historical beauty of Kronborg Slot. When we discovered that Lisbeth and Elsinore Wedding offered the castle as a venue we knew we were destined to be married there. Lisbeth and her staff staged the entire experience in such a way that we actually felt like the King and Queen wirh our own private entourage. All of our friends from the USA who took the pilgrimage to Helsingor stated that the castle experience was like no other that they had ever witnessed and felt as if they were characters in a fairy tale. I would recommend Lisbeth and Elsinore Wedding to anyone who wants to experience a wedding of a lifetime.”

Hilda and James
From USA

alex og grace

Lisbeth was incredibly helpful both before, during and after the ceremony

“As a queer couple from different countries, we wanted to get married abroad somewhere that we would be accepted, and Elsinore turned out to be the perfect place. Both the venue and town as a whole are gorgeous and our whole party were grateful to have visited a place the we might not otherwise have known about. Also, Lisbeth was incredibly helpful both before, during and after the ceremony and made sure we were able to say our vows to each other as well as the required parts of the ceremony. With Kronborg castle so close by, we were also able to take some magical photos in our wedding dresses after the ceremony. It was perfect.”

Alex & Grace
From USA and UK


Thanks for making everything run smoothly

“Thanks for making everything run smoothly, we really did enjoy Denmark and hope to make a return trip someday.”

Barbara & Keith

Everyone was so kind and made the day truly fun and special

“Just wanted to say thank you again for everything. Everyone was so kind and made the day truly fun and special.”

Harmeet & Steve

Thank you

“Thank you so much for your help.”

Pooja & Anton
India & Germany

Wedding abroad

The marriage process was so much easier with Elsinore Wedding guiding us every step of the way

“We are so happy with our decision to get married in Elsinore with the help of Lisbeth and her team. The marriage process was so much easier with Elsinore Wedding guiding us every step of the way. The city hall, as well as the city itself, is beautiful and made the perfect backdrop for our special day.”

Tina & Liam
From USA and UK

Wedding in Elsinore Denmark

We couldn’t have had a better experience

“We can’t think of a better way to get married. Like so many couples, COVID sidelined us for quite a while. To be honest, when it looked like COVID would never end we explored other options but since I am a US citizen and she a German citizen and all the travel restrictions everything was complicated no matter how or where we tried to do it.

Through it all, Lisbeth was patient and helpful and it was Lisbeth and Denmark that came through for us. Lisbeth from Elsinore Wedding, Peter from the City Hall and Britta who was the magistrate that performed the ceremony were all wonderful. We took video of the ceremony and Lisbeth walked all over Helsignor with us taking pictures with our phones. Helsignor and Denmark in general is a beautiful place with so much to see. We couldn’t have had a better experience.”

Anke & Ted 
From Germany and USA – Living in Germany

Wedding in Denmark

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

“A big thank you to Elsinore Wedding for making our special day so very memorable. We really appreciated the simplicity of the both the ceremony and the whole process of getting our paperwork submitted and approved prior to the big day. Elsinore Wedding (Lisbeth) was a pleasure to deal with before, during and after the wedding. Denmark, and especially the town of Helsingor will always hold a special place in our hearts and memories, and it all started with the superb service received from Elsinore wedding.

We cannot recommend Elsinore wedding enough!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Robert & Fiona
From New Zealand and Ireland

Elsinore is a magical town – a perfect backdrop to our ceremony

“What an amazing experience! The town hall is a beautiful old building with an interesting history – a perfect backdrop to our ceremony. Elsinore is a magical town and the Danish locals were so generous and happy for us, even offering us free things when they saw Mariam in her wedding dress and realized we just got married! Lisbeth was always quick to reply to questions and made the whole process so seamless and easy. In addition to planning, she also offered to take photos and videos of the wedding. Thank you Lisbeth!”

Mariam & Mason 
From Australia

Elsinore wedding

We will never forget our wonderful wedding

“We had the most wonderful wedding we could have ever asked for because of Lisbeth and the people she works with despite COVID-19 cancelling our plans multiple times. Lisbeth always stayed patient and helped us so much to make our dream wedding come true. After months and months of back and fourth we finally managed to fly to Denmark to get married.

Our wedding day was magical and even more wonderful than we could have imagined. We couldn’t stop smiling all day. After the ceremony Lisbeth took the most amazing picture of us with our phone and took her time to make sure the day was as amazing as it could be. We will never forget our wonderful wedding and the people that worked so hard to make the day so special for us. We are eternally grateful. Thank you so much!”

Valerie & Byron
From Germany and USA – Living in Germany

Wedding in elsinore

The ceremony went smoothly and we are very thankful

“Our civil ceremony at Elsinore went smoothly, much thanks to the great work of Lisbeth and her team! Our wedding at Elsinore was not originally in our plan since we were supposed to get married in Canada and Hawaii. Even though it was on short notice, Lisbeth guided us through the entire process to ensure that we wouldn’t have much paperwork to worry about once we arrive in Denmark.

Although we’re currently living in unprecedented times, Lisbeth accommodated our request to help us become reunited – for that we’re very thankful.”

Shiori & Kris
From Japan and Canada

Foreign weddings

A beautiful and well organized wedding day

“Lisbeth and team, thank you for such a beautiful and well organized wedding day. Lisbeth was communicating really quickly and willing to help with all even in this difficult time of coronavirus pandemic. Thank you so much.”

Zuzana & Sujith
From Czech Republic and India

Wedding in denmark

The experience was better than I ever expected

“Planning for a civil ceremony when the couple have different nationalities can be stressful. Through Elsinore Wedding, give yourself a stress free environment. Lisbeth was great, she inspired trust throughout the entire process. In addition, she made sure that we had a great experience once we arrived in the city hall. Another important fact, the venue was amazing, better than most city hall’s of other cities. All in all, the experience was better than I ever expected. No regrets. If you are looking to get married in Denmark, do yourself a favor and contact Lisbeth in Elsinore Wedding.”

Nathalie & Marc
From Brazil and France

Wedding in denmark

A simple yet memorable experience at the beautiful and serene city

“We had a fairytale like wedding thanks to Lisbeth and her team! We considered many potential wedding locations and inquired different planners. Eventually, we decided on Elsinore and had a simple yet memorable experience at the beautiful and serene city. Lisbeth was very helpful throughout the process, getting us with everything we needed and ensuring that everything went smoothly for us. Thanks Lisbeth and team!”

Germaine & Alvin
From Malaysia and Singapore

wedding in denmark

We really had a wonderful day!

“We would like to thank you very much for organising our wedding so well, ensuring that everything went smoothly and taking all the pressure off of us- we really had a wonderful day!”

Sheila & Patrick
From Ireland

China based couple got married in Denmark

The entire process was smooth and peaceful

“If you are looking for a company to help you with your destination wedding I would definitely recommend Elsinore Wedding in Denmark. The city is easy to get to, just 45 minutes by train, from Copenhagen.

In addition, Lisbeth was extremely organized and pleasant to work with. She promptly and patiently answered all of our questions. Because of her the entire process was smooth and peaceful. Thanks for everything you did for us!”

Susana & Abener
From USA and Angola


Thank you Lisbeth for making our dream come true!

“We cannot thank Elsinore Wedding enough for arranging our wedding in Helsingor this December.

Lisbeth is absolutely professional in everything and all we need to do is to provide her the information and she does everything for us.

The wedding though simple, went extremely well and made us feel like our wedding at home.

The whole ceremony was very simple, efficient and friendly.”

Thank you Lisbeth, again, for making our dream come true !

Francis & Simon
From Hong Kong

Foreign wedding in Denmark

Every small detail had been accomplished with commitment

“We are extremely pleased with Elsinore Wedding to proceed in a very accurate way the process to get married in Helsingør, from submitting all of the documents to final touches at the wedding day. 

We really felt that every small detail had been accomplished with commitment.

We are extremely happy with the whole experience and strongly recommending Elsinore Wedding.”

Joanna & Alan
From Poland and Brazil


We are really glad to have worked with Elsinore Wedding and can definitely recommend them

“We’ve never been to Denmark before but read that it’s “the Las Vegas of Europe” where getting married is much easier for international couples. Indeed, our wedding planning took less than a month and went astonishingly smooth with Elsinore Wedding. 

Both our families, 12 people altogether, flew in to join us on our big day. We’ve had quite an emotional rollercoaster in the week before the wedding as my in-laws got their Schengen visa only at the very last moment! This was quite stressful and we’re very glad that we had support form Elsinore Wedding. It relieved us from all the admin & paperwork so we could focus on helping our families with the travel logistics. Oh, and did I mention that my in-laws were traveling from India for the first time? 

Lisbeth was very accommodating and comforting throughout the process and the Danish authorities even agreed to swap one of our witnesses on the wedding day itself, which in turn allowed us to honor our fathers in this important role.

We are really glad to have worked with Elsinore Wedding and can definitely recommend it to any couple who wants to start their marriage without added stress! As a bonus, Helsingør is a beautiful little town that is so much more fit for a romantic wedding than the busy Copenhagen! We added a little surprise for our families and took them on a ferry ride to Helsingborg in Sweden for a family dinner after the wedding. Everyone absolutely loved it! If you can dream it, you can do it!“

Zuzanna & Besalieal
Poland and India


The Elsinore wedding is a lifelong memory of us

“We had a very wonderful wedding in the magnificient City Hall building in Elsinore on 20 Aug 2019. Madam Lisbeth and the staff were very helpful and explained every details of the wedding procedures to us. Needless to say, we were deeply attracted by the gorgeous wedding hall which gave us a solemn but hassle free wedding. We also appreciate the recommendation of Madam Lisbeth for a few remarkable locations for taking wedding photos thereafter. 
The Elsinore wedding is a lifelong memory of us and we are so grateful to have chosen this beautiful city for our wedding. Our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who had made our wedding so memorable.”

Fan & Lui
From Hong Kong

romantic wedding in denmark

Quick responses and extraordinary arrangements to make our union a lovely and successful one

“Elsinore Wedding has been Super helpful with our limited time wedding. Quick responses and extraordinary arrangements to make our union a lovely and successful one.

We highly recommend Elsinore Wedding”

Zulfa & Scott
From Ghana and Scotland


From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you!

“Sylvi and I would also like to say that we are very pleased with having Elsinore Wedding as our wedding coordinator, without your support our wedding experience would have been something completely different.

-So from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you!”

Sylvia & Markus
From Germany and Sweden

Getting married in Elsinore Denmark

Lisbeth did everything out of her heart

“We feel truly blessed to have found Lisbeth to arrange our marriage in Denmark. She did everything out of her heart, and was diligent in making sure that the wedding would go smoothly. The ceremony in the beautiful townhall was simple, but nonetheless solemn and memorable. Throughout the process, Lisbeth and the other staff members in the townhall treated us with utmost respect, and we never felt the pressure to have to rush through anything. This was exactly what we wished for. Indeed, both the state witness and Lisbeth herself respectively had their own weddings in the same building, and they were truly happy to see other couples tying the knots there 🙂

The town of Elsinore is charming and peaceful, perfect for a romantic weekend. We were also cheered up by the relaxed and helpful manners of the local people, who took the time to explain things to us and made us feel at home. Needless to say, seeing the Kronborg Castle was a marvellous experience, especially in the early morning, when one can also see the rising sun against the backdrop of the sea.

Thank you Elsinore Wedding, for making our wedding such a special experience. We would definitely visit Elsinore again to relive the beautiful memory!”

Colette & Adrian
Nederland and Hong Kong, Living in Germany

City hall wedding denmark

The whole experience was fantastic

“Marcela and I had a great time and enjoyed every minute. We appreciate the effort you put in and it made the whole experience fantastic. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. We are really glad we chose to get married with Elsinore Wedding.”

Marcela & Jamie
From Mexico and Ireland

Wedding in Elsinore

Elsinore in Denmark was absolutely perfect, it felt like a fairytale!

“When my husband and I decided we wanted to elope we had a difficult time deciding where. We live in Germany but wanted to go somewhere else in Europe.

I discovered Elsinore Wedding in Denmark while doing some research and contacted them.

Elsinore Wedding was incredibly responsive, not just at the beginning but through the entire planning process.

We decided to work with Lisbeth from Elsinore Wedding because she was so helpful and informative of our options in Denmark. She explained everything clearly and made it all so simple for us.

When the date got closer Lisbeth provided us with recommendations on places to stay, eat, and transportation options. Elsinore in Denmark was absolutely perfect, it felt like a fairytale!

The day of Lisbeth had beautiful flowers ready for decoration, champagne for us and our witnesses, and even a box of chocolates to enjoy! She thought of every possible detail and came through in a major way.

We are so grateful to her and everything Elsinore Wedding did for us! 

If you are looking for something beautiful and carefree we would recommend Elsinore Wedding and Elsinore 100%!” ❤️

Bridget & Manfred
From USA and Germany

Same-sex wedding

We are both very grateful for all the help and support you have given us

“We had a wonderful time and thank you so much for making this happen for us. We are both very grateful for all the help and support you have given us. It was great experience meeting you in Elsinore and getting married in the beautiful City hall”

Sandeep & partner
From India

USA Couple Get married in Denmark

Our wedding day was a dream come true

Our wedding day was The Best Day Ever thanks to Lisbeth and Elsinore Wedding!

Being both US citizens, living abroad in Germany, the wedding plans seemed to be be complicated, but once we discovered Elsinore Wedding in Denmark our frustrations disappeared! Lisbeth was so kind, helpful and supportive through the whole wedding planning process, she truly made it so simple and stress free for us! She was quick to answer any questions we had and flexible to our requests and arrangements for our special day!

Our wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect! The Elsinore City Hall was absolutely gorgeous filled with history and beautiful details throughout. After a simple ceremony with family at the City Hall, Lisbeth arranged a special celebratory wine toast , followed by a horse drawn carriage awaiting to pick us up right outside of the hall. The carriage was stunning and filled with cozy blankets and a basket overflowing with local beers, wine, and snacks for our ride through the city. We felt like royalty! The carriage took us to a few locations for pictures including the breathtaking Kronborg Castle! The carriage brought us to the ferry port in Elsinore and from there we took the ferry to Helsingborg Sweden and enjoyed a lovely dinner of steak, seafood, and champagne! A delicious ending to the perfect day.

We would like to thank Lisbeth and the Elsinore Wedding Team for all of their excellent work, because of them our wedding day was a dream come true and a day that will forever be cherished deeply in our hearts!
Forever grateful,

Levi & Sierra
US citizens, living in Germany

The experience was so seamless

“Getting married in Elsinore was such a great and smooth experience!
The staff, especially Lisbeth, have been so warm and kind to us – from the very first contact we made; they enriched our experience with kindness and professionalism.
The experience was so seamless and the bureaucracy work behind was really light.
Thanks again for making this possible for us!”

Ana & Carlo
From Mexico and Italy – living in Berlin, Germany

Indian Couple Destination Wedding Denmark

We had a hassle free wedding

“Elsinore wedding has been a lovely experience for us this year as Lisbeth from the Elsinore Wedding team helped us with all that was needed to be done for our marriage ceremony.
We had a hassle free wedding with a warm host who made everything work out seamlessly. We couldn’t have asked for a better arrangement than this.”

Kethose & Sonam
From India

Beautiful townhall wedding in Elsinore

Thank you so much to Elsinore Wedding

“We organised our wedding very much in a hurry and rather pushed Elsinore Wedding and Lisbeth to get things organised in time. She came up absolutely trumps, organising a great ceremony, helping with booking for a meal afterwards, and especially arranging the paperwork extremely quickly. 

Our wedding in the City Hall was perfect, and the sea made a nice backdrop for photos afterwards. My brother and neices enjoyed exploring the castle the day before the wedding.

I was in contact with Lisbeth recently. She said they would remember our wedding for a long time. We won’t forget Elsinore Wedding either!”

Owen & Sevda
From UK and Azerbaijan


Stress-free, Simple Ceremony

“Due to a lot of bureaucracy in Germany, we decided to get our civil wedding ceremony done in Denmark. After some research we found Elsinore Wedding, and we are so glad we chose this path. Lisbeth was a huge help as she took all the burden of paperwork from us – it was a very simple and straightforward process, and she was always quick to help if we had any questions. The ceremony at Elsinore city hall was brief and to the point, with friendly staff all around and a wonderful historic surrounding. We are truly thankful that everything went smoothly, and would definitely recommend getting married in Elsinore – it is beautiful! And with Lisbeth’s support you will have nothing to worry about :)”

Don & Maria
From Jamaica and Germany

Germans getting married in denmark

Great memories which will last forever

“Our dream wedding with a small group of friends, just perfect and how we wanted it. Great memories which will last forever. Lisbeth is very understanding, responsive and customer oriented. The overall process is so much more easier than in Germany, the trip to Helsingor is great and the level of service from Elsinore Wedding just perfect.
Keep up the good work and all the best!

Ira & Markus
From Germany


Everyone we encountered was extremely friendly and helpful

“Our experience with Elsinore Wedding was very positive. For a fair price, everything was taken care of by Lisbeth so at the wedding we could just relax and enjoy the moment. We also very much appreciated the fact that there was no rush after the ceremony, we were given plenty of time to have a drink and some cake with our relatives. Elsinore itself is a very nice town to spend the rest of your day, and everyone we encountered there was extremely friendly and helpful. Altogether, we had a wonderful day!

Aysa & Frank
From Russia and Nederland

Wedding in elsinore denmark

Thank you Elsinore Wedding for a special day that we will cherish forever

“We want to thank Elsinore Wedding & Lisbeth for allowing us to have an intimate and worry-free wedding just as we had hoped. Lisbeth took care of every little detail from the paperwork to the hairstylist. She also reassured us when we had questions in the weeks leading to the ceremony. The town of Elsinore is an ideal location for the event with its many restaurants and sea-side sights. Thank you Elsinore Wedding for a special day that we will cherish forever.

Andrea & Benjamin
From Canada

Joyce and anton

The entire experience turned out to be hassle-free and amazing

We opted to tie the knot in Helsingor, Denmark for the main reason that there is no red tape. Apart from that, its picturesque, historic, and not to mention romantic location did catch our interest. We found the perfect place for our wedding! Together with the Elsinore Wedding team, the entire experience turned out to be hassle-free and amazing. 

Given our busy schedules, it was a big sigh of relief when we learned about the ease and convenience of getting married in a place not quite far away from Copenhagen. With the help of the city councellor, Lisbeth Lassoe, our vision of an intimate union materialized in a way that was exceptional. We were really happy with service rendered from the communication to the organization.

We would like to thank Madam Lisbeth and the rest of the Elsinore Wedding staff for their professionalism, hospitality, and for everything. They made our special day all the more special!

Joyce & Anton
The Philipines and Germany

Alene and Simon

Her professionalism is world class!

“Elsinore Wedding completely exceeded our expectations! Our guests described the wedding as “Smooth”, “Quality” “Perfect”. 

After visiting castles in Germany and finding out the strenuous process of getting married in our resident country, we decided to seek a truly romantic, customizable and simple path. Through our research, we found Elsinore Wedding. Lisbeth made the process so smooth and simple and we were able to distance plan the entire proceedings of our perfect wedding. 

We had a beautiful precise ceremony at the Kronborg Castle. The Castle is absolutely gorgeous, and it was an unforgettably beautiful day and process. Lisbeth even ensured that the decor matched my chosen bouquet colours. From the beginning, everything was smooth and done with the utmost precision and quality. Communication with Elsinore Wedding was always clear and informative. Her professionalism is world class! All our guests enjoyed the proceedings thoroughly and we had our special, romantic, beautiful, simple yet unforgettable wedding in an amazing location! 

We completely recommend Elsinore Wedding and getting married in the beautiful, historically rich city of Helsingor. 

Thank you very much Lisbeth for ensuring that we had a perfect, smooth, quality wedding!

Alene & Simon
From Jamaica & Germany


We can thoroughly recommend Elsinore Wedding

“Lisbeth was incredibly helpful and generous with her time and advice. She helped make the process incredibly easy and stress-free for us, which helped us to focus on and enjoy our beautiful day. Lisbeth was also very patient with our plans and accommodated to our timeframe. We were very happy with the decision to get married in Elsinore and the Town hall is spectacular. We can both thoroughly recommend Elsinore Wedding.”

Minda & Alexsander
From Sweden and Australia


Everything went smooth – and we are forever grateful

“I am originally from Syria, and my wife from Canada. Our story began in Greece where we both lived. When we decided to marry, we had a religious ceremony performed. However, we also wanted our marriage to be recognized under civil law. We tried for many months in Greece to get our civil marriage license but encountered many challenges. Finally, after many attempts, we were told that we could not marry unless I brought certain documents from my country which I could not get because of the war. That is when we started to look outside of Greece. We did lots of research and stumbled across Elsinore Wedding. We were so lucky we did. Lisbeth guided us through each step of the process. Given our experience in Greece, we worried that we might face last minute complications. However, when we arrived in Helsingor, everything went so smoothly, and Lisbeth had everything prepared with the city officials before we arrived. The moment we were able to finally sign our marriage contract was an emotional one for all. Lisbeth and Helsingor will remain part of our memory, and our story of how we married. We are forever grateful.”

Sofia & Khalil
From Canada and Syria

Nikoleta-and-Andres got married in denmark

Lisbeth was our light in the process

“My brother’s wife who is half Swedish and Danish recommended us to marry in Danmark. We found Elsinore Weddings in Internet and that was a great choice and a better experience shared with our family. The town hall civil servants extremely helpful and lovely. Lisbeth was our light in the process. We have no words to thank them all for their kindness and professionalism.”

Nikoleta & Andres
From Greece and Spain

With help of Lisbeth, we are able to manage everything within 4 weeks

“Elsinore Wedding really makes the process easy and therefore make the whole wedding journey a celebration of our love. My husband comes from England and I am Chinese, Germany is the country where we started our life together. But everything in Germany need appointment 2-3 months in advance. But with help of Lisbeth, we are able to manage everything within 4 weeks. Lisbeth also helped me a great deal in all wedding details: hairdresser, hotel recommendation, wedding bouquet… Many thanks”

Xueyi & David
From China and UK

The City Hall is a truly magnificent building

“We would just like to say ‘thank you’ for all your support during and prior to our wedding taking place last week. It was a wonderful event that we will most definitely remember forever. The City Hall is a truly magnificent building and Peter’s historical knowledge was superb. The champagne and chocolates were also a fantastic touch that we very much enjoyed. These things, as well as many others, made our day even more special.”

Andrew & Rakhshaneh
From UK


Our perfect day

“Our perfect day!! Elsinore Wedding and Lisbeth, you will be forever in our hearts ! We arrived from Australia for our Wedding in Elsinore at the amazing Kronborg Castle, and every detail managed perfectly. From the documentation, photography, flowers, hair and makeup, all was arranged prior to our arrival by the superb service at Elsinore Wedding.It was like having your best friend helping to make the day so unforgettable. Thank you Lisbeth for videoing the ceremony for us to share with our family back here in Australia!!! We had the most beautiful day!”

Meg & Russell
From Tasmania

A day to remember

“We would like to thank Lisbeth from the bottom of our hearts. She definitely made this a day to remember. Thanks to her clear communication (she even answered on a Sunday), she alleviated the stress of all the paperwork. Clear instructions and a community worker that was friendly and very well informed made it all happen so fast and easy.

The wedding itself was in a beautiful venue and the people involved were all so helpful and a pleasure to share the day with. Helsingor is a beautiful city with very friendly people. Be sure to check out the city and all of its wonderful places. You won’t be disappointed.

We can wholeheartedly recommend Elsinore Weddings, everything was organized right up to the details, a very pleasant way of handling and a day to never forget will be your reward.”

Wout & Roberson
From Belgium and Brazil

The excellent organization and beautiful City Hall made it all the more special.

“We couldn’t have done better in choosing to have our wedding at an internationally renowned location; the excellent organization and beautiful City Hall made it all the more special. 

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Lisbeth for being our witness, such an important role in our union. And to Anita, for such a heartfelt and meaningful poem.

We can’t express how much we appreciate and endorse ‘Elsinore Weddings’ for any couple looking to commit to one another. Thank you for your expertise and professionalism.”

Eddy & Oleg
From Greece and Belarus


A dream come true.

“Everything has happened better, easier and more stress-free thanks to you Elsinore Wedding. Thank you so much for making our wedding possible.

We will not forget you as part of our special day”  ?

Josefina & Reinhardt
From the Philippines and Germany

wedding at elsinore city hall

Everything was better, easier and nicer than we had expected

“Thank you so much for all of your help in arranging our wedding. We were so pleased with the way it all worked out – everything was better, easier, nicer than we had expected. The photos and videos that you took also turned out beautifully!

And what an unexpected pleasure to meet the Mayor of Elsinore.”

Ashleigh & Laurent
From Canada and France


Lisbeth was more than outstanding

“The city of Elsinore is one of the most magical places we have been to. Just a 30 minutes Drive from Copenhagen city center surrounded by magnificent castles, libraries, and just a stone throw away from Sweden, it definitely is the place to have an amazing ceremony. We were looking for a place to get away and have a simple yet amazing venue for our wedding. Elsinor is the place for it. The people were extremely nice and gentle which made things more beautiful. The city hall is definitely a one of a kind place that will always be special to our hearts, and of course, Lisbeth who was there from day one and provided the support and organization that was more than outstanding. It definitely couldn’t have any better.

We thank you from the depths of our heart for making our day so special.”

Sameer & Isa
From Jordan and France

Camilla-and-Jordan wedding at Marienlyst

A dream come true

“Our wedding in Elsinore was a dream come true. A beautiful intimate ceremony in a regal and inspiring location. Denmark is forever in our hearts. Lisbeth efficiently handled the paperwork and It was an ideal way for us to elope and not have the stress or complications of a big wedding. Our marriage in Elsinore was awesome and fun. We recommend riding bikes around Kronborg castle!”

Much love

Camilla and Jordan
From the UK and USA

wedding in elsinore denmark

The wedding exceeded our expectations

“Elsinore weddings helped us make our wedding day in Helsingør very special and the organization exceeded our expectations (despite the rain!). Lisbeth was extremely helpful and supportive throughout the whole process and we warmheartedly recommend her. The City hall in Helsingør is a charming place and sets a great scene for a wedding (the staff is just as nice).

Thank you, Lisbeth, for all your help, we can fully recommend getting married in Helsingør organized by Elsinore Wedding!”

Julie and David
From Germany and Portugal

Photo credit: Galyna Baz


Couldn’t have done this without the unwavering support of Elsinore Wedding

“We cannot tell you how amazing you’ve been, you’ve been incredibly responsive; it feels like you’ve walked with us through this entire uncertain journey. We wanted to say how much the work you’ve done is appreciated.

We have continued our life, happily married husband’s, knowing full well that we could not have done this without the unwavering support and guidance of Elsinore Weddings and the very personal attentiveness and generousity of Lisbeth.”

Our heartfelt thanks,

Ian & Marlin
From Irland and South Africa

Charlie-and-Karlynne kronborg wedding

Elsinore Weddings in Denmark to me is a 5-star business for weddings abroad

“It was an amazing experience at Helsingor Castle “Hamlets Castle” in Denmark. I surprised my wife (Karlynne) with the wedding of her dreams. Only in Denmark can a bride be a queen in a castle for a day and on her wedding day. 

We went on vacation to Berlin, Germany and drove up to Denmark to be married by the most incredible wedding planner that we have ever met, Ms. Lisbeth of Elsinore Weddings. She helped us for many months prior, all the way up to the day and the day after the wedding. She made every problem go away and was very helpful morning, noon, and night (even with the time difference in the US). There wasn’t a day or night that she was not available for our needs. 

As I was planning this as a surprise for my fiancé, she was a big help keeping everything and me on track. Everything from the price, service, venue, and her personality was perfect with her and her business. I definitely say to all American couples planning to get married, don’t waste your money in the states and get little for nothing, go to Elsinore Weddings in Denmark and you will get the wedding of your dreams for a fraction of the cost in the USA.

In conclusion, Elsinore Weddings in Denmark to me is a 5-star business for weddings abroad. If you are planning a wedding and you want the most memorable experience ever, then seek out Elsinore Weddings of Denmark and they will make your dreams come true.”

Thank you again Miss Lisbeth and God bless!

Karlynne & Charlie
From USA


Lisbeth helped make our wedding what it was – absolutely wonderful!

“Words cannot describe how happy we booked the wedding in Elsinore Wedding. By far the best staff, great service, and historical atmosphere city! Lisbeth helped make our wedding what it was – absolutely wonderful! 

Everything was extremely accommodating throughout the planning of our wedding. Especially, Lisbeth arranged the “Hamlet” room we stayed in Strand- & Badehotel Marienlyst was absolutely amazing.

On the day of our wedding, the historical Kronborg Castle tower ad great view and the wedding cake was absolutely sweetly and delicious. Thank you for creating our dream wedding. A big thank you to our planner Lisbeth for your great work. “

Kelly and Frankie
From Hong Kong


Our experience was easy, peaceful, and so much fun

“A few weeks ago my My Husband and I got married in Elsinore Denmark and it was the most incredible experience. I am from America and my husband is from Syria but we are both residents in Belgium. We tried to get married in Belgium for months but it was so difficult and finally, they told us it was impossible to get married there. We had all the preparations ready and family flying in from all over the world for our church wedding but we needed a civil wedding first. Elsinore Weddings made that possible. Lisbeth helped us so much in getting our paperwork together and we were able to marry in less than two weeks after I first contacted her. Not only were we able to get married quickly but the city of Elsinore and the town hall was stunning. Our experience was easy, peaceful, and so much fun. We will never forget our wedding in Elsinore and the generosity of the people there. I can’t recommend Elsinore Weddings enough.”

Thank you so much, Elsinore Wedding for making our marriage possible! Be blessed.

Abby & Maher
From USA and Syria