A destination wedding is indeed a dream of almost all couples these days. This is the reason the number of destination weddings is increasing day by day. There are so many beautiful wedding destinations all across the world and today I will be talking about one of the top 5 destination locations that are popular among couples. I will talk about Kronborg Castle.

Kronborg Castle is situated in a beautiful city in Denmark, Elsinore. A couple can select an indoor or outdoor location for a wedding ceremony. As per the Danish law, foreign couples are eligible to get married in Denmark in a civil marriage ceremony and receive a marriage certificate from the Danish authority. Kronborg Castle is a perfect wedding location for all types of couples for multiple reasons. Let me share the top 3 reasons to get married at Kronborg Castle:

1. It gives perfect views

Generally, couples choose to get married at a destination location because of the beautiful wedding location and views, which are not generally available in the case of a traditional wedding in the hometown. Kronborg Castle offers indoor and outdoor wedding locations and couples can choose the one based on their choice. Each option bids a unique view. For example, The Flag Bastion gives a beautiful view of the ocean, Elsinore city, and Sweden.

2. It has historical value

Kronborg Castle was used as a plot in the popular tragic novel Hamlet. This novel is written by the most renowned writer Shakespeare. This castle is also one of the world heritage locations announced by UNESCO.

3. Receive the best wedding services

The couples that choose Kronborg Castle for their destination wedding can pick additional destination wedding services to enhance the overall experience. Of course, civil marriage, Champagne, and chocolates are there. In addition to that, couples can choose to experience one or more of the following services:

  • Cannon salute
  • Red carpet
  • Historical fencing
  • Hamlet and Ophelia act
  • Trumpet fanfare
  • Ride to horse cartridge

Indeed, the experience of getting married at Kronborg Castle is amazing. We can help you with our destination wedding services. Contact us to know more about it.