Wedding at Kronborg

Choosing a wedding destination is often a tough decision for couples. In this blog post, I will share about one of the most popular wedding destinations, Kronborg castle.

There are many reasons to get married in Denmark and choose Kronborg castle as your wedding location. We will share the top 3 reasons for the same.

1. Feel like a king and queen

Kronborg castle is one of the most historic castles in the world. This castle was built in the 1420s and it has the history of Danish royals. This castle is one of the most beautiful and well-maintained castles in the world and choosing it to conduct your destination wedding can give you the feel of being a king and queen. There are also some extra services available for couples that choose Kronborg castle for their marriage ceremony such as:

  • Horse-drawn carriage
  • Red carpet
  • Trumpet fanfare
  • Cannon salute
  • Historical fencing
  • Small act of Hamlet

Of course, all these services are optional, but you can choose one or all of them to make your big day grand.

2. Go back to the era of Hamlet

William Shakespeare is a known name who gave the world literature. He wrote some amazing novels and Hamlet is one of the most popular novels written by him. In this novel, Shakespeare has shared the story of Hamlet, the prince of Denmark. The castle recited in this novel, in which, Prince Hamlet used to live in Kronborg castle.

You can choose to get married in Kronborg castle and go back to that era. You and your partner can dress like a king and queen and can also have a small act of Hamlet.

3. Have a dream wedding

Many teenagers dream to have a grand wedding, especially, girls think of a prince charming coming to marry her and take her in his kingdom. This dream can be true by getting married in Kronborg castle. If you choose any of the indoor locations for your civil marriage ceremony, you will get the privacy of a complete one hour. You can also choose beautiful outdoor locations to get married.

Concluding notes

The wedding is your big day and investing to make it grand is worth for sure. Getting married in the Kronborg castle can make many childhood dreams true. It will make your wedding magical.

We have arranged the destination wedding of many foreign couples in Kronborg castle and other locations. We can help you as well in choosing the right wedding location and get married there. Contact us for more details.