Prepared all the necessary paperwork for this special day

“We would like to thank you for organizing and preparing all the necessary paperwork for this special day. It will always be a day to remember by the kindness of people you brought in to share our celebration. Wishing you all the best.”

Elizabeth & Frank from USA and Ireland

Documents needed

to perform the wedding ceremony

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    You have to print out, fill out and sign Declaration of marriage. You can download it in English here:


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    Please fill out this Power of Attorney to confirm that it is okay for Elsinore Wedding to arrange the wedding for you. Download link
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    Residence certificate
    If your live together a Proof of address in country of residence (can be from the bank, telecommunication company or by a public authority).
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    Passport or national ID and valid visa to enter into Denmark.
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    Civil status certificate – also called letter of non-impediment, witch confirm your marital status as single, divorced or widowed.

    • – If not already in English, German or Danish, this certificate must be translated by an authorized translator.
    • – The civil status certificate should be no more than 4 month old.

    If your country of residence does not issue this document please let us know so we can advise you.

    If you are resident in Germany the authorities accept an Erweiterte Meldebescheinigung as proof for your civil Status

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    Absolute divorce decree or death certificate.
    If you are divorced or widowed, the original decree or certificate must be translated by an authorized translator if not already in English, German or Danish.


If one or both of the parties comes from a country outside the European Union, the documents must be legalized or stamped with an apostil.

Pictures of documents are preferred (instead of scans).

Click here to see where to send the documents and how the rest of the process works.


Do you have questions?

Please contact us. Or you can  read more about getting married in Elsinore Municipality here.

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